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In 2001, Teramore's founder and CEO, Steve Hufstetler, took the first steps towards his dream of developing commercial real estate for America's top brands. In 2008, he built his first Dollar General retail store in northwest Florida. The following year, he made his first hire, his nephew Josh. They proved to be a dynamic team and were soon building dozens of Dollar General stores a year throughout the southeast. The Teramore team is expanding quickly and now has offices in Georgia and North Carolina.


What makes Teramore unique is our team’s refusal to fail. Every project is defined by the capability of our colleagues and respect for the communities we serve.

Portrait of Steve Hufstetler, Founder & CEO of Teramore Development.

Steve Hufstetler

Founder & CEO

Portrait of Warren Ballard, Chief Financial Officer for Teramore Development.

Warren Ballard, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Portrait of Josh Hufstetler, President of Teramore Development.

Josh Hufstetler


Portrait of Chris West, Deputy General Counsel for Teramore Development.

Chris West, Esq.

Deputy General Counsel

Portrait of Zach Crumley, Executive Vice Presient of Teramore Development.

Zach Crumley, PE

Executive Vice President

Portrait of Courtney Williams, General Counsel for Teramore Development.

Courtney Williams, Esq.

General Counsel

Portrait of Tyler Graybill, Real Estate Manager.

Tyler Graybill

Real Estate Manager

Portrait of Josh Rasmussen, Land Acquisitions.

Josh Rasmussen

Land Acquisitions

Portrait of Daniel Almazan, Land Acquisitions.

Daniel Almazan

Land Acquisitions

Portrait of Luke Strickland, Land Acquisitions.

Luke Strickland

Land Acquisitions

Portrait of Gordon Christoph, Land Acquisitions.

Gordon Christoph

Land Acquisitions

Portrait of Mitcham Walker, Land Acquisitions.

Mitcham Walker

Land Acquisitions

Portrait of David Neubauer, Land Acquisitions.

David Neubauer

Land Acquisitions

Portrait of Amanda Coulter, Director of Operations.

Amanda Coulter

Director of Operations

Portrait of Brannen Ray, Project Engineer.

Brannen Ray

Project Engineer

Portrait of Joseph Strickland, Director of North Carolina Operations.

Joseph Strickland

Director of NC Operations

Portrait of Chad Strickland, Project Engineer.

Chad Strickland

Project Engineer

Portrait of Jessica Dubois, Director of Asset Management.

Jessica Dubois

Director of Asset Management

Portrait of Danielle Stewart, Operations & Leasing Manager.

Danielle Stewart

Operations & Leasing Manager

Portrait of Darlene Hobbs, Human Resource Manager.

Darlene Hobbs

Human Resource Manager

Portrait of Kayla Voros, Marketing Coordinator.

Kayla Voros

Marketing Coordinator

Portrait of Taylor Glass, Director of Entitlements & Project Coordination..

Taylor Glass

Director of Entitlements & PC

Portrait of Marlin Keller, Project Manager.

Marlin Keller

Project Manager

Portrait of Matthew Sullivan, Project Manager.

Matthew Sullivan

Project Manager

Portrait of Jeff Lang, Architectural Design & Project Manager.

Jeff Lang

Architectural Design & PM

Portrait of Cory Parramore, Project Manager.

Cory Parramore

Project Manager

Portrait of Shannon Colvin, Project Coordinator.

Shannon Colvin

Project Coordinator

Portrait of Robert Caldwell, Project Manager.

Robert Caldwell

Project Manager

Portrait of Matthew Morrow, Project Manager.

Matthew Morrow

Project Manager

Portrait of Heather Simmons, Project Coordinator.

Heather Simmons

Project Coordinator

Portrait of Eric House, Project Manager.

Eric House

Project Manager

Portrait of Ben Stewart, Project Manager.

Ben Stewart

Project Manager

Portrait of Jayna Singletary, Assistant Controller.

Jayna Singletary

Assistant Controller

Portrait of Keri Cromer, Accounts Payable Manager.

Keri Cromer

Accounts Payable Manager

Portrait of Brittany Williams, Accounts Payable.

Brittany Williams

Accounts Payable

Portrait of Ashley Koller, Accounts Payable.

Ashley Koller

Accounts Payable






Team members discuss engineering details for a construction project.

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